Ringing in the New Year with Rachel

We sat down with FADS President, Rachel, to get the dirt on her New Years Plans and how down she is about her resolutions.

1. How are you going to be ringing in the New Year?

Nothing crazy. Going out to dinner with my boyfriend. Hanging out with family and friends

2. How are you going to make sure you follow through on your resolutions?

Considering I never keep my resolutions, remembering what they are would be a start. Trying to set aside time each day to do one of them would help!

3. What’s going to be the hardest resolution and why?

Creating more fashion and experimenting with ideas and inspirations will be the hardest just because they are time consuming and can be expensive sometimes.

4. What’s your favorite resolution?

Trying something new everyday is my favorite. It’ll be cool to have a little something exciting everyday since school and work get so hectic and draining.

5. What do you hope to achieve as a person with these resolutions?

Keeping any of them will be a will power strengthener. Most of them are about being creative or learning something, so I look forward to expanding the scope of my designs and my creativity. And I am always down to learn and expand my knowledge.

6. Is there a resolution not related to fashion?

Haha is working out too generic? Lol Umm, try something new everyday (food, crafts, etc) and finally read my summer reading list

There you have it! We hope y’all have some awesome resolutions and you will be able to follow through. Have a happy New Year everyone!




Christmas parties are the best types of parties

Fashion Festival Tomorrow!

Fashion, Music and Friends.. what more can you ask for?!

BFFS: Stars and Fashion Favorites

A great deal of people don’t know that Stars and Fashion favs are very good friends. In fact, they are so tight with each other that we can safely say they are BFFS.

1. Lets take Kim Kardashian. She’s been really close with Givenchy’s designer, Riccardo Tisci and Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing. 

Tisci met Kim through his close friend, Kanye West, and instantly fell in love. He even said, “She’s the Monroe of our age. People think she’s like a doll, but actually she’s tough and clever.” Tisci has designed many of Kim’s outfits, including her wedding gown which was seriously breathtaking.

Kim definitely loves Balmain because she’s been styled in their clothes many times. It was only Balmain, Givenchy and Lanvin that was looked at for wedding gown designs. Whenever she’s in Paris she’s always hanging out with Olivier and when he’s down in LA, Kim takes care of him! He’s even gotten her younger sister, Kendall, in the Balmain Army.


She has always been his good friend, for 12 years. She mentioned in an interview that she still remembers the first Oscar de la Renta silhouette she wore, back in 2000 for the Emmys. She’s always worn Oscar during her glamorous moments — the Emmys, the Met Ball, her 40th birthday, etc. She even knew what he liked to sing to. They were so very close and she wore his designs with such honor.SJP in Oscar de la Renta: Met Gala 2014; personally asked for his signature on the dress

“When someone passes who’s led a wonderfully long life, you hear the news and immediately think of his beloved wife and friends and, in this case, all those who work in his studio. The reality of his absence means a momentous shift. There are wonderfully talented designers, emerging and upperclassmen, but he really was singular, and he has left a vacuum. Others will come along and will eventually make ball gowns with pockets in them — with stripes and polka dots, garden party gowns. But nobody is meant to fill the void. They can’t. All I can think today is, “That’s it. That’s done, that extraordinary moment in time that he created.”

3. The stunning Anne Hathaway has always been BFFS with Valentino

They’ve attended each others premieres, he always dresses her up, and he even created her wedding dress! “She’s a very good friend of mine,” Valentino said while confirming the news. “She’s like my daughter.” They looked so cute (in that father-daughter type of way) during the Oscars (left photo) both looking sophisticated and chic. Anne rarely walks the red carpet in any other designer but Valentino, and why would she? He makes her look like an elegant princess! The advantage of their relationship? She has a reserved front row seat at his Paris shows. WOW. They even attended a ball together! Well its safe to say that these two will be best friends for a long times to come!

Anne Hathaway’s wedding gown – designed by Versace

4. Blake Lively and Christian Louboutin are more than BFFS. She’s his MUSE.

Christian Louboutin carries Blake because her shoes were painful

They met while she was filming in Paris in 2010 when Blake popped by his shop and expresses her love for shoemakers. Few months later, they got closer in their friendship. Their friendship elevated once he sent her the entire latest spring collection.

“She is not only beautiful, but also very talented girl. I really appreciate people with the education and intelligence. Blake has it all, plus she has a natural grace, that makes her incredible”.- Christian Louboutin

“His shoes are great, it is unbeatable and innovative. I have a lot of pairs of Christian’s shoes.”- says Blake.

You know, it’s just, they’re magical,” she said. “It’s the same feeling you got when you watched Cinderella.You know the feeling you got when you watched Cinderella? Every time you slip into a pair of [Louboutin’s] shoes, they make you feel empowered, they make you feel beautiful, they make you feel magical. You can be anybody you want to be.” When she was asked what it’s like to be a shoe muse? “That’s like the biggest honor in the whole world for Louboutin to say something like that,” she said. “I mean, I love his shoes, so so so much, I have just an absurd amount of his shoes, so maybe that’s why he’s so inspired by me, cause I’m so inspired by him.”


5. KARLIE KLOSSSSS AND TAYLOR SWIIFFFFT. Two gals, who just happen to be the perfect friends! Both tall as heck, gorgeous, and they’re bubbly personalities compliment each other.

These girls began their journey back in Feb 2012 when Taylor Swift had her first Vogue cover story, she said, “I love Karlie Kloss… I want to bake cookies with her!” Karlie saw the comment and she responded back with a tweet saying, “Hey @taylorswift13 love the @voguemagazine cover! Your kitchen or mine? :)” After that they became closer and closer! So I guess it’s thanks to Vogue!

When Taylor Swift sang at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in 2013, the social media interactions between these two divas were nonstop! They instantly fell in love with each other. They began hanging out many times and even took a ROADTRIP together. Okay, this is the definition of BFF.

 It wasn’t until the year 2014 hit when we actually saw these two going to the gym together, eating lunch, and just partying. They even saw a Knicks game one time! What do you guys think? Will these two be best friends for years to come?

There you have it! Although there are many other fashion BFFs, I thought these were the most interesting and their relationships were one of the closest. Who’s your favorite BFF?



How to Distress Your Jeans

Last week, our girls took the razor to a whole new level: to distress. Yes. We took our pink razors out, along with sandpaper and our favorite old pair of jeans that we just could never get rid of, and we started cutting, ripping, and shaving those jeans to make the cutest looking distress holes.

While many of us brought our old pair of jeans, some others went bold and brought their favorite shirts to give it a little roughness to it.

For more DIY activities, come to FADS meetings. Peep our blog for location! See you ladies there!

Appliqué Day!

Like crafty-fabric activities? Come join FADS’ Appliqué  Day on Wednesday, November 19th. We will be exploring the realms of applique, in the pursuit of creating a mod-inspired wall hanging. FADS will be providing all materials; so there is no need to bring anything but a pair of crafty hands! (: