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How to Distress Your Jeans

Last week, our girls took the razor to a whole new level: to distress. Yes. We took our pink razors out, along with sandpaper and our favorite old pair of jeans that we just could never get rid of, and we started cutting, ripping, and shaving those jeans to make the cutest looking distress holes.

While many of us brought our old pair of jeans, some others went bold and brought their favorite shirts to give it a little roughness to it.

For more DIY activities, come to FADS meetings. Peep our blog for location! See you ladies there!


Appliqué Day!

Like crafty-fabric activities? Come join FADS’ Appliqué  Day on Wednesday, November 19th. We will be exploring the realms of applique, in the pursuit of creating a mod-inspired wall hanging. FADS will be providing all materials; so there is no need to bring anything but a pair of crafty hands! (:


Distressed Jeansss









Don’t you love distressed jeans, but don’t you hate that they make you break your bank. Boo hoo. Well guesss what? Tomorrow, Nov 12, 2014 at 3:15PM we’re going to be learning how to distress jeans during FADS meeting! Come to the meeting with a pair of jeans to destroy as little or as much as you want. Now you’ll be able to have distressed jeans without buying a new pair! Just recycle your old 1990s pair to look chic and stylish. You’ll love this! ♥

Hats For A Cause

Here are some tutorials that might be useful if you’re joining us for the hat drive, but are a beginner knitter/crocheter. Of course in the meetings, we’ll help you too 🙂

Basics of Knitting:
Basics of Crochet:

Hat Video: