We all are big Marc Jacobs Fans. So imagine our excitement when we read that Marc is not only still in love with the industry, but enthusiastic about launching a Make-Up line with Sephora come this fall. Read more on FADS Presidents’ Lidia Alvarez blog, fashionfocused.net

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marcmakeupWhile announced back in April of last year, more updates have been made available on Marc Jacobs make-up line. Set to hit Sephora shelves this fall, Marc was all talk at last nights WWD CEO summit questioning if there is, “really going to be something else that we’re going to do that I’m going to sit through and enjoy?” and much like a lot of industry vets, (yes, Marc is considered a vet, having been in the industry for 20+ years now) he admits he got  “jaded, then I got excited all over again.”

Marc Jacobs is just like us, “I can’t believe there’s a company with my name on it. I can’t believe that when the receptionists answer, they say, ‘Marc Jacobs.’ A true Fashion Enthusiast!  — Well, kinda, he has a multi-million dollar company and is Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. Either way, it must be great to have…

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